WELCOME TO THE CENTRE FOR NUTRIGENOMIC MEDICINE                                                                                

You may be visiting here because you face significant body or brain health challenges, or because your child’s development is causing concern. You aren’t the only one – that’s why the centre was opened.


Two decades of scientific discovery has revealed the incredible complexity of human genetics and solved many mysteries of individual health and well-being from conception to old age.  We've confirmed what was long suspected: There are thousands of common and rare variations in the genome and each one of us is sure to carry some that are associated with impaired health, disease and life limiting conditions.  However, risky genes are only part of the story.  We have also learned about 'epigenetics' and the way genes are 'expressed'.

A simple illustration of gene expression is to think about the sound coming from a piano. A note can be varied in volume and tone - dialled up or down. In fact, we even use the term 'expression' when talking about the way music is played.  Similarly, gene expression is always being influenced by nutrition, lifestyle and the totality of our environmental exposures.  This starts long before birth and continues through the life span.  While we can't go back and rewrite the history of our genes, we can change our future. The potential to alter gene expression is good news -  By harnessing the complexity of genomic information and epigenetic change we can improve health and bring about lasting well-being.  


At the Centre for Nutrigenomic Medicine

  • We provide expert care and advice tailored to each individual's genes, microbial diversity and biochemistry.
  • We keep to the forefront of scientific and medical research, to learn from new discoveries as they're made, and to understand how they relate to symptoms and conditions.
  • We develop individualised drug-free plans to help compensate for health challenges. For some people, tailoring diet and lifestyle to balance biochemistry may be all that is needed to bring good health.  More complex solutions are needed to optimise well-being when significant health impairment is involved. 
As the product of billions of genetic combinations, lifestyle variations and environmental influences, your needs are unique. So, whatever your age or stage or the health challenge you're facing, we'll do all we can to find your unique solutions and lasting well-being.

We know - It's not just any body, it's your body!

FIND lasting health & wellbeing

  • Offering in-depth, individualised service
  • Identifying and relieving causes of disease and distress
  • Promoting healthy minds and bodies

future focused science

  • Spanning scientific advances and 360° evidence from epigenetics, biochemistry and functional medicine
  • Harnessing the health-giving heritage of real food and nutrients

for your best possible future

  • Put simply - our vision is that you will be free to live life to the full
  • Find your best possible quality of life
  • Reach  your health goals